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April 10th, 2007

10:25 pm: Hello... is anyone out there? Must inform world: snapfish.com.au is awesome. Write Snapauedm in the coupons bit and get 50 free prints, only pay post of 2.95. I feel like such an advertising whore. Wish me luck! xox trio

November 1st, 2006

08:56 am: Hi Katie!!! This is trio. I ran into Jarred from Pascoe Vale South the other day (at Chris's -- I think you know him too?) and he was talking about Billy and Katie. We're all going to catch up soon :) I thought you are on my friends list? Are you or does someone who knows you on my list? Ta! (I know it's majorly lame to not remember who is who and also not be able to figure it out, but I'm sure I read your journal and you sound really interesting.)

Also *VITAL INFO FOR EVERYONE* I now know how to get my camera phone photos printed. I have infre-red on my phone and can get them printed at k-mart airport west using their special gismo-machine. I can also send photos to other people with infra-red although this has only worked with people who have the same phone model as me so far. Ok it worked once, but I am optimistic. Whoo to having crappy low-res photos of everyone to plaster in my album and round my house! So far comments have been: Who's that? That's you. Who's that? That's that guy who came and stayed. Who's that? That's the dog. But although it's crappy it's CHEAP to do... 29cents per normal size photo page.

luv yez all xoxox trio

June 15th, 2006

05:04 pm: Went to Eurobeat last night. Loved it. I'd go again if I wasn't totally broke... it finishes this week, and i rec. it cause it's Euro-Fab! (also, when someone descibes the dress code as Euro-fab, who doesn't know what that means?!) XOXOXOXOXO thank god school's out trio

May 19th, 2006

10:14 am: Who else's live journal is a POS? When I go to friends pages, it flashes normal, and then is it a weird format with only entries from days and days ago visible. The last entry I can see is Jess's Seven Sins survey.

In other news, I'm voting off David from Big Brother because nobody, just nobody, can understand his disadvantage... and cause he's a jerk who thinks he's sensitive.

April 9th, 2006

09:02 pm: My new baby...

March 22nd, 2006

08:54 am: I have a puppy!

He's a maltese x something or at least a swf (small white fluffy). He's very energetic... and then sleeeepy. His name is Jasper and he is very affectionate and weights 2.7kg and will grow to about 4kgs. He's 12ish weeks old. I bought all these toys for him and was given some by his previous owner, his fave is this weird head with orange hair on it, but he also likes his terry towling rainbow coloured mouse.
Anyway, I love him lots (cause he's such an affection whore!). I'd post piccies but I'm lazy/ retarded/ he looks cuter in rl.
cheeries! trio

March 8th, 2006

01:17 pm: Back into the swing of uni now. This semester has been really enjoyable so far, I've been socialising and chatting to people, having coffee. And my weekends have been busy busy busy... although work is making me come in for TWO hours on saturday morning (but they're paying me for 3 I think).

My cinema class is like the land of bizarro. The fire alarm went off in class and nobody left the room, so I stayed too. And it stayed on for about half an hour. More than enough time for us all to burn to death.
My tutors are all weird this semseter. The cinema studies one lets people ramble on about their best friends cousin's brother who watches snuff films in South America... and just when that finishes another person will ramble about some porn film they watched over the weekend. Admittedly I'm exaggerating, but the class is so slooow. I want real content damnit.
The socio teacher gives great lectures but is so disorganised with the tutes. She arranges them and then rearranges them and then 2 tutes have been taken up with admin and I got the giggles a few times and ugh... I would be frustrated if I weren't so amused.
And the resit. modernism tutor is adorable... very young (ie under 30), kinda socially awkward but enthusiastic. I wonder if it's a first-tute icebreaker awkwardness or a I've-been-teaching-for-10-years this is how I am thing. (meh, I'm sure it's his first/second year of teaching) Came to a conclusion;
1. lots of tutors/lectures are socially awkward. (points for adorableness are deducted if they therefor don't teach)
2. organisation is a difficult skill to master no matter how academic you are

whoo way to go for the pointless posting. While I'm at it, I bought this super hot top which is purple and stripey and I lurve it so much I never want to wear any other colour again. New discovery; purple goes well with purple.

ramble at me back! xox trio

March 1st, 2006

07:01 pm: That stupid ipod website everyone is sending me? It's called SPAM. Don't spam me, I won't put your e-mail addy in the junk mail. Ta

12:11 pm: ode to my pajamas
I am wearing the most comfy pjs on earth. They are soooo soft and cuddly I want to wear them all the time. I am wondering if there is any way I can get away with wearing them to uni. Would I just look like a pj wearing freak... and will that stop me. The pjs are pink and yellow and clingy in that vpl kind of way but most uni girls are/dress like whoreish slutbags. (ok I take that back... most girls that will drop out by week 4 are whoreish slutbags, the others are just whoreish sluts in general)
*note* before slagging off all latrobe girls... i am greatly exaggerating... only a great majority of the just-cum-from-school children dress and act like whoreish slutbags...

always remember; it is an excellent luxury to wear pjs till 5pm, after that it is a super excellent luxury. take care, trio xox

February 27th, 2006

09:22 pm: from jess

01) Write down 7 things that piss you off ( in no certain order )
02) Tag 7 people

1. Having to catch the bus, when its hot, raining, or after 7pm. Actually, having to catch the bus EVER
2. Post-grads who claim that undergrad work is easy, and people who say xx was soooo easy when you've spent 10 hours on it
3. my cinema studies lecturer who said 'fucking' and 'most liked sexual positions' making me blush *SO EMBARRASSED*
4. bras that make you look shit hot but disintegrate in two weeks
5. major uni assignments due on the same day or on mondays (why why why!)
6. my front door being broken. yes i could get it fixed but blah its too hard to negociate the real estate agent
7. people who don't phone / respond to my messages instantly (oh, feel my wrath)

I choose not to tag anyone, but instead encourage self-tagging. Oooh how leftist!

Had my first day of uni... not so bad. I know one person in my english who's alright... cinema is CRAZY crazy CRAZY tho. It was meant to be cinema and sexuality but instead it's cinema and eroticisim. It's really interesting (in a dry, academic kind of way, *cough*) but I worry because the lec said if the first movie was too hardcore to drop the subject. And it wasn't too bad, and I've seen some of the movies but its all about sadism and masochism and hardcore porn and I just don't want to get too embarassed too often. And I don't know how people put that straight 'how curious' face on when there's horses having sex... ewww gross I'm not going to describe the NOISE or the grunting or the squeeling. because that would be off.

anyway xox kisses hope you're having a ball, trio.

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